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Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Sea Pen Aeration System is a fully balanced air flow system that evenly distributes compressed air across all net pens at an aquaculture production site to promote greater water upwelling and movement. This mitigates plankton blooms by moving low density algae/plankton water from below to help dilute the algae/plankton density in the water inhabited by the fish within the pens to a reduced level. There are many different species of algae/plankton that pose different threat levels to the well-being of the fish. As such, different air flows can be dialed into the flowmeters to control the delivery of air within each pen’s diffuser platforms. This air control allows the site operator to mitigate different harmful plankton species, for each pen, based on the plankton’s unique motility. Consult with a Pentair AES representative for site specific design and performance.

Features & Benefits

• Mitigates mortalities caused by algae/plankton
• Dilutes the algae/plankton density to reduced levels in the water inhabited by the fish
• Creates water movement and upwelling across the entire net pen site
• Customers have reported > 50% improvement in removal of harmful plankton from the usage of the SPA units
• Unique pod-based aeration system simplifies installation, maintenance and service compared to antiquated hose & grid based aeration systems.
• Platforms are constructed of corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel
• Outfitted with either 9” or 12” rubber membrane disc diffusers
• Lightweight platforms are easy to install, position and maintenanceance

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