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In a ship, besides a cargo hold into which cargo is loaded, there are also ballast tanks that provides assistance for safe sailing, draft that make known the submergence levels of the ship's bow, aft, port and starboard, and various tanks that are necessary to keep the ship sailing.

Electric pressure type level transmitter LEVEL-3000™ is installed in the tanks and draft of a ship for the measurement of the ship's draft and the water levels of the various tanks.

In regard to the working principle of LEVEL-3000™, LEVEL-3000™ is a pressure-type level measuring transmitter with a double-stranded wire consisting of a diaphragm and an amplifier that connects to a four-strand, ventilated special wire.

The transducer is filled with special oil inside and has a built-in Wheatstone bridge type strain gauge, which detects pressure changes at the surface of the diaphragm.

When the pressure of liquid, which is the object to be measured, is put onto the surface of the diaphragm, the strain gauge receives stress, and as a result the resistance changes.

This change of resistance is made into a current of 4-20㎃ or an RS485 communication signal through an analog signal processing circuit, and then LEVEL-3000™ becomes compatible with other transmitters with a current output of 4-20㎃.