ballast water treatment / for ships



  • Use:

    ballast water

  • Application domain:

    for ships


GloEn-Patrol™ is a combined treatment system taking advantage of Filtration and UV irradiation, the most environmentally friendly and optimally designed solution for every kind of vessel to install and operate.Adopting a 100% physical treatment technology, GloEn-Patrol™ effectively disinfects harmful aquatic organism and pathogen in ballast water without producing any toxic substance during ballasting and de-ballasting. In addition, this uniquely engineered and designed filter and UV lamp are manufactured by PANASIA's own technologies to provide the upmost quality, reasonable price and on time delivery to the customers.

The filter unit not only eliminates organisms larger than 50㎛ but also helps to minimize sediment formation in the ballast tanks which is beneficial to ship's operators in order to reduce the cost of maintenance and cleaning sediment in the ballast tank.The filter unit as pre-treatment screens out sediments and organisms larger than 50㎛ then those smaller than 50㎛ will be disinfected by UV irradiation

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