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    for boats

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CookMate Alcohol Stoves use a non-pressurized fuel canister system, a unique design that prevents fuel from leaking out, even if its turned completely upside down. Ultra-reliable and environmentally friendly, the non-pressurized safe flame canister system eliminates the pumping, priming, hoses and valves of pressurized systems. The stoves are designed so they can not be opened or refueled during operation. Alcohol is a safe, clean cooking fuel and can be easily extinguished with water

Other stoves using traditional cooking fuels such as butane or propane pose the risk of explosion. This is eliminated with the CookMate Non-pressurized canister system.

CookMate Alcohol Stoves are constructed of SUS430 Stainless Steel.

Portable stainless steel alcohol stove with one burner. It features the safe flame fuel canister system, and is convenient and extremely safe to use. It runs on denatured alcohol and boils 1 litre of water in about 8 minutes.