boat alarm system / multi-function
4140, 4141, 4142



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    for boats

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Sunlight readable dimmable display using our BlackGlass™ technology
Optically bonded projected capacitance touch screen for clarity and sensitivity
Display images configurable to meet boat builders own house style
Control of any or all vessels systems with full graphic mimics
Monitoring of vessels resources with user settable alarms
Logging of all alarm conditions for later analysis
Full unlimited Software Licence included
Uses proven NMEA2000® network interface

The Offshore System’s NMEA2000® Integrated Alarm, Display and Control System is available in 7”, 10.4”and 15” sizes each with high bright sunlight readable 1000mcd displays.
Each display includes the full software licence and the system software is totally flexible in style, content and colour of each display page. This allows the boat builder to define their own chosen house style and match their interior design colours. The system offers an unlimited number of alarm, display and control pages each selectable from the touchscreen menu or by a simple swipe.
The system can control all or any of the vessels systems with graphic mimic displays to indicate the status of all the vessel’s systems. These can include AC and DC electrical switching, pumps, chillers, air handling units, lighting and many others.
The system monitors all the vessels resources such as electrical systems and tankage with user settable alarm levels for each item.
All of the vessels systems can be monitored for alarm conditions that are permanently logged for later analysis.
All Offshore Systems displays, sensors and controls use the well proven NMEA2000® network which provides full vessel connectivity using low cost and low weight CAN cabling.