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passenger boat / outboard / aluminum / jon boat
JB 850



  • Type:

    passenger boat

  • Motor type:


  • Other characteristics:

    aluminum, jon boat

  • Length:

    8.5 m (27'10")

  • Passenger capacity:

    20 unit


This rugged design is the T-Craft workhorse for utility and service vessels and has various integrated safety features to allow for the highest levels of certification and licence approvals. They are designed to be made available as base platforms offering large internal deck-space which can be utilized in a host of applications ranging from Passenger Transport to Supply & Service vessels. Propulsion options range from Oar-driven to tiller arm and remote controlled outboards depending on the vessel's operational requirements.

The configuration of the JONBOAT allows for effortless stacking, securing and loading of up to 4 vessels into a 12 metre shipping container effectively reducing transport costs. The JONBOAT is available in 8.5 metres as standard and can be fitted with aluminium thwarts or benches depending on requirements.