stand-up paddle board paddle / recreational / symmetrical / single

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stand-up paddle board paddle / recreational / symmetrical / single stand-up paddle board paddle / recreational / symmetrical / single - 8"


  • Application domain:

    for stand-up paddle boards

  • Intended use:


  • Configuration:


  • Number of blades:


  • Material:

    bamboo, carbon

  • Other characteristics:

    adjustable, disassemblable


Designed for paddlers who crave performance or for those who enjoy longer SUP adventures, the O’Brien Carbon/Bamboo Paddle has everything you need to make the most out of your time on the water. The 8” wide bamboo blade provides a large surface area for more power, while the angled and contoured blade improves efficiency for a smooth glide as you pull through each stroke. This paddle also features an adjustable grooved carbon shaft, which eliminates any twisting of shaft components and keeps the handle and blade inline at all times. Paired with our premium adjustment clamp, the user can effortlessly customize their paddle length from 68” to 85”, lock it into place and start enjoying their time on the water.

Carbon shaft – Performance oriented with minimal weight and heightened durability
Angled and contoured bamboo blade – Durable and buoyant blade designed for smooth, efficient strokes
8″ Blade width – Allow for more powerful strokes
Grooved shaft – Eliminates twisting of the shaft components so your handle never rotates and the paddle remains straight
Premium adjustment clamp – Effortless adjustability and a two bolt design for strong clamping power
Paddle length – 68″ to 85″ adjustment range
Weight – 1.6 lbs
Available in 2 Piece or 3 Piece design

2 Piece Paddle – Easily adjustable paddle length
3 Piece Paddle (Traveler) – Easy adjustable paddle length and simple disassembly for travel and storage