first and second stage scuba regulator / octopus / for cold water



  • Type:

    first and second stage, octopus

  • Other characteristics:

    for cold water


EN250 (Cold Water) Tested and CE Approved

Our new Cosmos Plus regulator set has a high performance, environmentally sealed First Stage unit and unique re-styled second stage units, perfect for cold water diving environments and more extreme dive conditions.

This diving regulator set includes an EN250 environmentally sealed first stage, primary second stage - black hose, octopus second stage - yellow hose and an owners / instruction manual.

The Northern Diver Cosmos Plus regulator set offers exceptional performance and superb value for money.

Regulator Set Includes:

• Cosmos Plus Environmentally Sealed First Stage

• Cosmos Plus Primary Second Stage (with Black Hose)

• Cosmos Plus Octopus Second Stage (with Yellow Hose)

• Northern Diver Padded Regulator Bag

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