jib / for one-design sailboats / Melges 32 / 3DI®
32 Li-5



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for one-design sailboats

  • Keelboat class:

    Melges 32

  • Fabrication:



Wind range: 0-11 knots
The Melges 32 Li-5 3Di RAW Jib is designed for light air conditions.

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Standard Features
3Di RAW 870 10,850 DPI
One full length epoxy batten
Two carbon leech battens
Cuben Fiber reinforced head, clew and tack patches
Custom luff tape for Melges 32 headfoil
Stanchion patches
High modulus leech cord
Foot cord
Four trim stripes
Leech tell tales
Two tell tale windows in luff of jib
Stainless clew and tack rings
North Sails zip “sausage” bag
Certified measurement