downwind sail / for cruiser-racer sailboats / 3DI® / furler



  • Type:

    downwind sail

  • Applications:

    for cruiser-racer sailboats

  • Fabrication:


  • Other characteristics:



“Code Sail” is a general term for a specialized class of fast, flat and furling-capable downwind sails that are defined by mid-girth measurements between 50%-75% of foot length. These sails fit between upwind headsails and downwind spinnakers. Code Sails are especially effective on high-performance monohulls and multihulls. The Code Zero model meets the minimum 75% smg requirement to be classified as a Spinnaker for certain rating rules. Customized sail shapes are combined with a luff loaded sail structure to provide unparalleled speed and stability. 3Di Code Sails feature highly specialized filament tapes and structures. Paneled Code Sails employ optimized panel layouts in a choice of sailcloth.

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Helix Luff (Code Zero)
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Luff loaded sail structures
Soft clew construction
Adjustable luff, leech and foot cords
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Future Fibres Torquelite Furling Cable
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