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  • Applications:

    for sailing dinghies

  • Sailing dinghy class:

    Naples Sabot


Sabot T-5 Mainsail
Sailor weight < 95 lbs
The T-5 design is designed for lighter for sailors. The North Sails Sabot sails are designed to help keep the top leech as open as possible, keeping the boat moving forward with less weather helm.

“The T-5 was noticeably quicker than any other Sabot sail this weekend across a full range of conditions. Great weekend for North in a very competitive fleet. If I were a Junior Sabot sailor hoping to go fast this summer, I’m flying the T-5. No question the best sail on the race track!” – Chuck Sinks

Standard Features
North Black-X vision window
Blue trim stripes around the tack reinforcement
Battens sown into the leech of the sail (Don’t worry about losing them!)
Tell tales on luff and leech
Class insignia
Sail number
Roll bag
North Sails Tuning Guide

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