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HandlePass Leash


Longer leash for unhooked riding. Raising the bar on safety and comfort, the HandlePass leash has a quality soft elasticised webbing outer for rider comfort and longevity, swivel to prevent twisting, high load quality 316 stainless steel carabiner and Quick Release with optimised pin length for easier release.

Quality soft elasticised webbing outer
For rider comfort and longevity.

High load quality
316 stainless steel carabiner.

Quick release
With optimised pin length for easier release.

Think Less Feel More
In designing our all new Control System we asked ourselves: how can we re-engineer and re-tune one of the most important pieces of gear in our sport? How can we craft and refine it so it feels intuitive and effortless, while performing at the highest level? Sense where your kite is in in the air, move without thinking, switch gears without losing time.

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