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rescue boat davit / gravity / hydraulic



  • Application domain:

    for rescue boats

  • Operation:

    gravity, hydraulic

  • Lifting capacity:

    4,000 kg, 6,625 kg (8,818 lb)


The Norsafe NDC cantilever davit is specifically designed for safe and efficient launch and retrieval of fast rescue boats. It is intended for long term, reliable operation in harsh and hazardous marine and offshore environments. The davit system is designed in accordance with latest Solas and IMO requirements. The davit consists of foundation and a cantilever arm. The winch is installed on the crane structure.

The system provides:

Hoisting of the rescue boat in maximum load condition by electric/ hydraulic motor
Gravity lowering of the loaded rescue boat independent of external power supply
Retrieval of the fully loaded rescue boat by manual hoisting