temperature sensor / for boats / for yachts / for ships



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  • Application domain:

    for boats, for ships, for yachts, machine

  • Other characteristics:

    engine, wireless


Predictive maintenance needs measured data to the greatest possible precision. On components with moving or rotating parts, the relevant measuring points (e. g. temperature of an electric motor’s rotor or planetary gearbox bearing) sometimes cannot be accessed with wired sensors. Accordingly, the data needed for condition monitoring can be obtained only with complex calculations and estimates. However, precise and reliable measured data are obtained only when a sensor is placed directly on the moving part.

For requirements of this kind we have developed NORIFID, a simple, cost effective measuring system that is based on established technologies, supplies wirelessly power by induction to a sensor on a moving part, and transmits the measured data via RFID to a fixed receiver.

NORIFID consists of a reader that is fitted on the fixed component and a transponder with measuring element attached to the moving component. This measuring element can be a fixed integral part of the transponder or, if necessary, placed outside at the measuring site and wired to the transponder.