teak slat boat decking

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teak slat boat decking teak slat boat decking - GREENTEAK™


  • Material:

    teak slat


Engineered teak deckings entirely made of natural teak, perfect for boats’ decks and outdoor floorings.

Kind Decking
Sizes 50 x 4000 mm
60 x 4000 mm
other upon request mm
Thickness from 8 mm to 15 mm

What it is and what it is for
GREENTEAK® is an engineered product made of natural teak which results from a quite sophisticated manufacturing process. The sheets of teak are glued and reassembled to obtain a block of wood which is then worked in order to get teak deckings of different sizes, according to the customer requirements.

Greenteak® is NOT a synthetic material but it is an innovative product that can effectively combine quality, aesthetics and respect for the environment.

Consisting of 100% teak, it is the only product that maintains unaltered the physical and mechanical properties of massive teak, surpassing it in aesthetics.

In addition, Greenteak® meets the rules of the Country of origin and sustainability requirements, in accordance with the FSC standard.

Greenteak® deckings are extensively used for boats’ deckings and indoor/outdoor floorings.

Why choose Greenteak® ?

It is a man-made product, therefore it can be customized in the size and thickness required by customers and provided on an ongoing basis.

In addition, thanks to the accurate teak selection and processing, the Greenteak® deckings achieve a superior aesthetics if compared to the massive wood. As a matter of facts, they features a uniform color and quarter-sawn grain, straight and smooth, without knots and free from defects.

These characteristics of continuity in terms of size and aspect allow the possible replacement of one or more pieces in a simple and fast way.