catamaran passenger ferry
S-153 M/V Gemini

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catamaran passenger ferry catamaran passenger ferry - S-153 M/V Gemini


  • Number of hulls:


  • Length:

    36 m (118'01")

  • Passenger capacity:

    149 unit


Crisp, dramatic red-and-white wedges in profile, these aluminum catamarans are among the greenest and most technologically advanced ferries yet built. Their San Francisco Bay operating environment demanded quiet operation, minimal wake, and emissions 85 percent lower than EPA’s 2007 standards. An array of luxury amenities such as onboard WiFi and bicycle racks with a freshwater rinse help to attract the Bay Area’s demanding commuters. As WETA’s marine engineering manager said, “To get Californians out of BMWs and into a boat I had to make the boat quite luxurious.”