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patrol boat / outboard
31' Enforcer



  • Type:

    patrol boat

  • Motor type:


  • Length:

    9.45 m (31'00")


Newton Boats 31' Enforcer has all PVC foam construction which provides years of maintenance free operation. In addition to it's obvious military and law enforcement application, search, rescue and ambulance service can also be applied for it's usage.
In today's environment where procurement funds and operating personnel are limited but demands for service are increasing, this multi-mission, versatile, high speed platform is a vessel or our times.
The 31' Enforcer has the ability to accept a sophisticated electronics suite to meet requirements of the customer. Kevler protection can be added along with storage for military or law enforcement arms and ammunition. Sirens and lights can be fitted as well.

This vessel is the economical answer to your law enforcement needs on your waterway highway!