inflatable boat Bimini top / for power boats / cockpit / helm station



  • Application domain:

    for power boats, for inflatable boats

  • Function:

    cockpit, helm station

  • Structure:

    aluminum frame

  • Other characteristics:



The Bimini Top ELEGANCE 3 arches with aluminum frame is foldable, light and sturdy. Recommended for installation on boats or inflatable boatas of small and medium size, this model is equipped with joints in nylon that allow the easy fold up of the frame and storage it in the locker. It is available in two heights to adapt to different mounting needs.

- Height 115cm: suitable for installation on rail or walled high more than 80cm.
- Height 140cm: suitable for installation on dinghies or on boats with low walls up to 60/70cm.

TUBE: Ø20mm white lacquered aluminium-magnesium-silicon alloy
FRAME: foldable. Folded dimensions: Bimini Top width x 40cm(16”) x 8cm(3”)
JOINTS AND SCREWS: white nylon reinforced with fibreglass high mechanical and corrosion-resistant properties. Stainless steel and aluminium screws.
CANVAS: Mehler Texnologies AIRTEX® 100% resin-coated polyester fabric, waterproof and resistant to UV rays, complying with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard. Available in 14 colours.
STANDARD ACCESSORIES: Velcro closure storage bag, n°2 row-lock attachment pins + n°2 row-lock attachments, 10 m. rope, n. 4 stainless steel rope tensioner plates.