boat davit / electric / rotating / outboard motor



  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Operation:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    outboard motor

  • Lifting capacity:

    40 kg (88 lb)


This new and practical outboard motor lifting crane (from the boat to the tender and back) is completely made of carbon material, that is why it is very nimble, weight-light but tough at the same time.
The quick and easy join connection allows to hook up the outboard motor and release it anywhere.
Provided with the 12V motor unit the crane is comfortably operated by the remote control while in case of black out it can be manually used. Maximum lifting load supported: 40 kg.
This crane can be easily installed on the deck or astern, according to the customers’ requirements and, thanks to the complete 306° rotation of the base it can be placed in any resting position.
No more effort for the user and no more problems with the storage of the outboard motor, which could be confortably hooked to the crane, saving time and space!
This innovative outboard motor lifting crane is an example of the deep cooperation between Nemo and its customers, always close to achieve the same goals.