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windsurf mast / RDM / 100% carbon / 90% carbon
TPX100 / SPX95 / SPX90 / SPX65 / DRAGONFLY

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windsurf mast windsurf mast - TPX100 / SPX95 / SPX90 / SPX65 / DRAGONFLY


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    100% carbon, 90% carbon, 65% carbon, fiberglass


Our top of the line mast and the fastest, most flexible mast in the range. The 100% carbon prepreg construction uses the Torq-Preg. This unique prepreg material features +/- 45 degree fiber orientation. This helps to control torsion, particularly in the boom area. Due to its construction, the mast is extremely lightweight while having a very fast response time.

More is less. Being a tiny bit heavier than 100% carbon masts due to a lower carbon percentage (95% and 90% respectively), the RDM and SDM fully convince with their durability, giving you extra safety and strength.

65% carbon. Practically Indestructible.
At NeilPryde we believe that 65% carbon content is the minimum you should have to get the maximum out of your sail. In turn we balanced the lower carbon content with fiberglass prepreg layers in the lamination process to make this mast virtually indestructible! The thicker fiberglass wall of the mast makes it immune to ovalization under compression.

These composite masts have been designed to work best on the Dragonfly sails. A combination of fiberglass and carbon fibers is used to ensure this mast is strong and light.

TPX and SPX masts are finished using our unique, “Shark skin” surface texture layer. This low friction surface finish prevents wet materials from sticking to the mast surface and reduces friction.