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boat control panel / engine boat control panel / engine - NT920NFU


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Fully Type Approved for inclusion in NT921G/951G and NT990G/991G MK2 Autopilot Systems, the NT920NFU is a dual function device which enables permanent (NFU) and temporary (DODGE) heading changes to be ordered at locations remote from the autopilot control unit.

When set to the DODGE mode, movement of the sprung to centre jog lever produces a fixed amount of Port or Stbd rudder (as appropriate) to turn the vessel. When the jog lever is released to centre, the applied rudder is removed and the vessel returns to the original heading.

When NFU is selected, the autopilot course setter is automatically switched to a 'tracking' mode. Subsequent movement of the jog lever produces a turn to Port or Stbd (as appropriate) which is 'tracked' by the course setter card as the vessel is power steered to a new heading. When the required new heading is attained and the NT920NFU switch is set to DODGE or OFF, the autopilot course setter card immediately 'locks' and the autopilot resumes control to maintain the vessel on the new (current) heading.

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