navigation, positioning and data acquisition software / monitoring / AIS / for ships
Transas Pilot PRO



  • Type:

    navigation, positioning and data acquisition, monitoring, AIS

  • Application domain:

    for ships, for harbors

  • Other characteristics:

    iPhone®, iPad


Pilot PRO, by Transas, is an iPad application designed to meet the needs of professional deep sea, channel and river pilots and other marine professionals and navigators. With a carefully considered range of specific pilot features, the system is designed to assist pilots in their daily routine, helping to maintain efficient pilotage and other onboard operations.

Main benefits
1. Easy system setup and use
2. Pilot-requested specific functions
3. Pilot wireless freedom and mobility on the bridge
4. Light weight and small size
5. Long battery life cycle for tablets

1. Navigational data transfer via AIS Wi-Fi pilot plug router
2. Connection to all Navicom Dynamics sensors via Wi-Fi
3. Maneuvering predictor
4. Docking and mooring operation modes
5. AIS target presentation, including Class A, AtoNs and AIS Class B
6. AIS Meeting and Rendezvous Points
7. AIS Virtual Boarding functionality
8. Presentation of Fore’n’Aft and Resulting COG vectors
9. ROT information (from sensor or calculated)
10. Display of extended information on AIS targets: Class A and Class B, AtoNs, Base
11. Audiovisual navigational alarms
12. ERBL: Point-to-Point and Own ship ERBL