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repair temporary workshop / paint repair temporary workshop / paint


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The booth for storage is a metallic carpentry structure with a covering in cloth that covers the arches to the ground on both sides of the length. Depending on the configuration chosen by the customer, it can be fixed or mobile by inserting the packaging system. The arches, connected to each other by a pantograph system, are secured to the ground by means of wheels equipped with a system of anti-lift brackets and by means of tie-rods, to guarantee perfect fixing and total tightness of the same. This without (in case the customer chooses the
packable version) compromise the versatility of the structure, which can be quickly released and packaged. Available exclusively in doubleslope version.
It can also be supplied in solution on wheels without tracks.
- Lower construction costs
- Speed in production times
- facilitated bureaucratic procedures based on
the municipality to which they belong
- Foundation works almost or totally non-existent (in
relation to the solution adopted)
- 100% deductible, it is an instrumental asset that can be
amortized over 5 years
- Structural calculation included relative to the
installation area
- Complies with the DM. January 14, 2008 UNITIC TEXT
"Technical standards for buildings"
- Re-use of the same cabin elsewhere
Designed in Italy by Italian engineers, Italian materials, produced in Italy.