cruising sailing yacht / open transom / twin rudders / twin steering wheels



  • Intended use:


  • Deck layout:

    open transom

  • Appendages:

    twin rudders

  • Other characteristics:

    twin steering wheels

  • Length:

    20.1 m (65'11")


This new design was created practically simultaneously with the Swan 78 as a complement to the larger sister of the new bluewater line of yachts. The size seems to be a very popular one. It allows space for a permanent crew with minimum length. The design philosophy and parameters follow the same concepts of the larger version. This smaller yacht has one less cabin in the Owner’s party than the larger 78 but shares the same saloon in the OF and OA versions developed. In order to give the saloon a feeling of space, the galley is locate forward behind an open partition with a direct view to the deckhouse front window. Her medium light displacement hull is powerful and beamy giving very good form stability and a nice motion at sea. The hull shape and parameters, especially the prismatic coefficient has been optimized for fast all around performance in light to medium wind ranges within a modern wide stern envelope. The steering system includes twin rudders for a positive easy control in all circumstances, and there are a number of draft options for fixed and lifting keels offered. She will be a fun boat to own and sail the waters of the world, and because of her advanced design she is expected to have a long successful life. She is modern but at the same time we have strived to conserve her softness and harmony of the earlier relatives avoiding hard unruly behaviour. The same can be said of the aesthetics, she is new, clean and modern, without being tied up to any short lived fashion. The same could be said of the deck with its modern design, uncluttered surfaces and straightforward, simple solutions to sail handling and life at sea.