utility boat professional boat / outboard / aluminum



  • Type:

    utility boat

  • Motor type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    3.5 m (11'05")


Boat for rowing or electric powered engine, o or little outboard (2/4 hp) , suitable for protected waters, lakes, creeks, calm sea areas.
The hull bottom is flat to ensure the max stability and the well shaped bow improves the speed: inside seats are filled of closed cell foam
to make the hull unsinkable.
The seats are well placed to row comfortably and a rounded shape pipe on gunwhale make the trasport safe .
The Fishmaster 350 is a great boat to be carried and launched in protected waters and enjoy a day in "little navigation". Entirely welded, without rivets.

Main Specs:
Lenght m. 3,50
Width m. 1.40
Weight kg. from 35 to 80 , depending from building material (alloy aluminum or plywood)
Draught m. 0.1
Engine : electric or gasoline outboardf , to 20 hp max
CE cat. D for 4 persons