position and tracking system monitoring and control panel / for boats / for yachts / for sailboats
Insight X2



  • Application domain:

    for boats, for yachts, for sailboats

  • Applications:

    bilge, pump, alarm system

  • Other characteristics:

    with alarm, touch screen, position and tracking system



With the touch of a button, you can switch applications with 15 + applications available on a single platform.
Observing the water level in your bilge compartments and everything looks good so relax and drop anchor because Nautic Alert will tell you if the anchor is dragging. SMART Geofence technology by Nautic Alert.

Security Management

Enable security on board through the Nautic Alert Insight X2 touchscreen. You like to arm or disarm security from your smartphone – no problem. Tell Nautic Alert to arm or disarm from your smartphone.

Bilge Management

Nautic Alert Insight X2 tells you if the bilge systems is developing a problem because it learns the characteristics of your pumps and can accurately measure the water level rate change in each bilge compartment in real-time – even if the boat is being rocked by heavy waves.

Energy Management

Power is a dependency for critical system components and for security. Nautic Alert Insight X2 monitors power and tracks the patterns for early event detection to help with performance and reliability. Insight X2 is scalable for multi-bank DC and shore power.

Emergency Management

When an unexpected emergency situation occurs, Nautic Alert gets you connected to global hostage monitoring operations and more. Simply press the SOS / Text button and Nautic Alert will send your vessel’s information and GPS location; thereafter, a 2-way communication channel will open.