three-seater jet-ski / electric / 60 hp



  • Number of seats:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    60 hp


You cruise slowly on your Narke along the shore, watching the bathers then you get the wakeboard, to test the waves you make. This is what makes summer complete – naturally. Of course, you will not have to smell the exhaust fume and will not get the stares from the shore, because your engine noise is making resting impossible. This is the Electrojet experience. Be the first with Narke TheElectrojet®, the world’s first electrojet designed for series production.
Whether you ride the Electrojet with your partner or your children, the experience and the electric drive will be the same. The Narke will travel with 55 km/h on the water, easily towing a wakeboard or the shrieking kids riding behind on an inflatable ring. You want to use it on the sea, on rivers or Lake Balaton? It is up to you to decide where you want to enjoy the full throttle feeling. The Electrojet is ready to go.