boat generator set / diesel / soundproofed / high-speed

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boat generator set / diesel / soundproofed / high-speed boat generator set / diesel / soundproofed / high-speed - QMS 32T


  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Motor type:


  • Options and accessories:

    soundproofed, high-speed

  • Output power:

    25.5 kW (34.7 hp)


„ 4 strokes Diesel engine tested in all marine or industrial applications throughout the world.
„ Engine block in cast iron type tunnel and timing gear.

Injection and combustion system
„ The Super Glow System comes as standard equipment to start the engine in cold temperatures.
„ The E-TVCS injection system produces an ideal air/fuel mixture by creating three vortexes in the combustion chamber.
The combustion efficiency is improved, resulting in low fuel consumption.

Cooling system
„ Cooling is ensured by heat exchange between coolant and seawater in an heat exchanger, or via a Keel Cooling system.
„ Seawater pump with rubber impeller.

„ Delivering a continuous power of 23.2 kW and able to provide up to 25.5 kW
„ IP23 protection

„ Extension delivered by meter
„ Closed cooling with heat exchanger
„ Wet exhaust
„ 12V Single-pole electrical system
„ Safety shutdowns on low oil pressure and high coolant temperature
„ Luxe GE panel
„ Rubber mounts
„ Oil drain pump mounted on the engine 1

Optional equipment
„ Seawater hoses
„ Seawater filter
„ Siphon breaker
„ Fuel feed system piping
„ Exhaust system
„ Fuel prefilter
„ Keel Cooling 2
„ Vertical dry exhaust 2
„ 12V Double-pole electrical system 2
„ Additional electric fuel feed pump