pollution control boom / floating / fire-resistant



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    pollution control

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Besides the features intercepting, containing and transferring oil spill as normal booms have, Fire Boom can also be used to intercepting burning oil and spreading fire.It is particularly suitable to be adopted in oil port, oil wharf, oil drilling platform and other areas where are vulnerable to fire. The fire boom can also be used to tow oil spill to a safe area for combustion.


1.Stainless float, heat resistant flexible materials and general quick couplings constitute a

fire-proof system on water area, which can be used with normal oil boom.

2.Skirt-shaped body underwater is heat bonded by two layers of heavy-duty fabrics coated

with oil-proof and anti-aging flame-retardant rubber, which is heavy-duty and aging resistant.

Moreover, it is easy to store and reusable.

3.Stainless rope above, the strength reinforcement in the waist and the bob weight chain at

the bottom form a firm tensile system. with the appliance of packet chain, the overall structure is concise.