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LPG carrier cargo ship

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LPG carrier cargo ship LPG carrier cargo ship


  • Type:

    LPG carrier

  • Length:

    112.75 m, 148 m (369'10")

  • DWT:

    5,850,000 kg, 14,434,000 kg (12,897,042 lb)


LPG Carrier is a ship which carries Liquefied Petroleum Gas.
Liquefied Petroleum Gas, which is produced as byproduct gas in the process of refining crude oil, is output as associated gas of crude oil and natural gas, but since its major proportions are propane (boiling point is -42) and butane (boiling point is -0.6), LPG has been attracting attention as clean energy with less emission of CO2 and SOx.
When transporting gas, they are liquefied by pressurization or refrigeration, because their volume without being liquefied is too large and inefficient for transportation.
Therefore, construction of LPG Carrier requires high technological skills such as using special steel plates in cargo tank construction and sophisticated cooling system.
Other than LPG, the ship is capable of loading cargoes such as ammonia and vinyl chloride monomer.