recreational sport catamaran / double-handed / single-trapeze / asymmetric spinnaker



  • Use:


  • Crew:


  • Other characteristics:

    single-trapeze, asymmetric spinnaker

  • Length:

    4.5 m (14'09")


The 460 is a tough lightweight catamaran that will give the whole family years of fun, she is the Nacra “baby” and where thousands of families will start their sailing careers, whether that be just one member gliding across the waves or more using the trapeze to gain the full benefit of the hidden treasures of the Nacra 460. The Nacra 460 is also available with Sports package which includes the MNX sports jib spinnaker kit.

Like other Nacra catamarans, the design team have given sailors simplicity, quality and performance in one small catamaran. There’s nothing standard about this craft.

Just look at the clean hull lines, note how the beams are recessed into the hulls, yielding greater rigidity to the platform. See the level of buoyancy in the hulls meaning you stay as close to “on top” of the water as possible. Note that Nacra build in the sure footed non-slip on the side of the hulls making trapezing even easier and safer.

Nacra kick-up rudders are just the same delightful mechanism as the bigger boats, making launching and recovery truly “plain sailing”. The MNX mainsail gives real power for a smaller catamaran and the Dacron jib will give years of life to this wonderful little catamaran. The jib is sheeted to the front beam allowing space on the trampoline. Sails are made by Performance, one of the worlds leading sail makers, so you know that they are prepared just for you.