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Wake Surfer

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wavepool wavepool - Wake Surfer


For many years circular wave pools have been spoken about, but to date no true circular wave pool with continuously radiating waves has ever been installed in a water park – we are about to change that! The attraction of this pool shape is the large area of wave action, as well as the huge beach and increased capacity that both bring

We have designed a pool with a maximum depth in the region of 1m so that all of the pool will be useable by the majority of guests irrespective of age or height.

The wave machine is completely new & novel and as such is being patented, it is designed to produce a wave with a steep face in the centre of the pool suitable for board riding, beyond this point the wave propagates radially towards the beach where it will still have great shape & height to be used by all.

We cannot give away too much at the moment, but we are responding already to serious enquires on a first come first served basis.

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