professional vessel engine / auxiliary / diesel / direct fuel injection
4 W105S



  • Market:

    professional vessel

  • Type:


  • Power source:


  • Technology:

    direct fuel injection, turbocharged

  • Power:

    102 ch, 125 ch (102 hp)


Engine Data

Bore & Stroke (mm)105x130
Total Displacement (L)4.5
Engine RotationCounterclockwise
Idle Speed (RPM)650

Customer benefits

Continuous compact power with reference performances in its category
Easy service with accessible components and unit cylinder heads
Simple technology with mechanical injection
Life cycle cost efficiency with extended mean time between overhauls (MBTO)

Prime running power (PRP)

l Variable load with mean power calculated on 250 running hours
l No restriction on use if mean power 75% of nominal power
l Total operating time at 100% nominal power shall not exceed 500 hours per year
l 10% overload available 1 hour each 12 hours

Engine and block
Cast iron cylinder block, with replaceable cylinder liners
Separate cast iron cylinder heads
Replaceable valves guides and seats
Steel forged crankshaft

Cooling system
Fresh / raw water heat exchanger with integrated thermostatic valves and expansion tank
Cast iron centrifugal fresh water pump, mechanically driven
Bronze self-priming raw water pump, mechanically driven

Lubrification system
Full flow screwable oil filters
Fresh water cooled lube oil cooler

Fuel System
In line injection pump with flanged electronic speed governor
Double wall injection bundle
Duplex fuel filters
Water separator