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video multiplexer / data / fiber optic / for seabed interventions

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video multiplexer / data / fiber optic / for seabed interventions video multiplexer / data / fiber optic / for seabed interventions - 907PLUS


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    video, data, fiber optic, for seabed interventions


The 907Plus is a multiplexer that extends the capabilities of standard 907 motherboards with an added video channel, galvanically isolated data channels, and a comprehensive, integrated diagnostics network. System expansion is even easier with a rapidly growing family of compatible expansion cards and media converters. A diagnostics add-on card is available that offers end-to-end performance monitoring and identification for multi-card systems via an Ethernet connection at the console, and Graphical User Interface (GUI) software.

Expansion cards may be stacked on the motherboard to add up to 48 data channels in a variety of formats, including RS-232, RS-485/422, TTL, Ethernet, CAN Bus, analog sonar, hydrophone, audio, and Tritech ARCNET. Depending on transceiver options, optical power budgets are typically 20-26 dB with 10 km or more of singlemode fiber.


I2C bus supports diagnostic communications with expansion cards and media converters
Galvanically isolated data serial data channels
Compatible with 907-DIAG-E diagnostic card and Graphical User Interface (GUI) software
On-board diagnostic LEDs for power, optical link, and video sync, and serial data Tx/Rx
Interchangeable SFP optical transceiver
Supports up to six 907 expansion cards


Isolated data channels provide more robust interface to external equipment
Supports a wide range of optical options, including CWDM wavelengths and multimode configurations
No motherboard data channels are disabled when expansion cards are added
Simplifies troubleshooting with advanced diagnostics