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sightseeing boat / inboard waterjet



  • Type:

    sightseeing boat

  • Motor type:

    inboard waterjet

  • Length:

    7.85 m (25'09")

  • Passenger capacity:

    24 unit


The Jet Boat Moggaro 900 Water Jet is actually the jet boat for 22 pax better prepared for the open sea. The security offered for the sailing are unique in the world.

These conditions are based on:

a very strong structure which ensures excellent performance at high speed when surfing with waves,
the interior of the boat is filled with high density Styrofoam, making the boat unsinkable. The deck of the Moggaro 900WJ is self draining, so it´s not neccesary to use the bilge pump to put the water out of the boat. Two large scuppers in the stern, with diameter 80mm, allow to drain the water in a short space of time
Moggaro 900 Water Jet, has the CE homologation.

Nothing You have experienced will have you prepared for the excitement of a Moggaro 900 Water Jet. Moggaro 900 Water Jet gives you sensations that you have never felt before in the sea

The Moggaro 900 Water Jet is at this moment the best jet boat more than 12 passengers for water sport companies.