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aquaculture net washer

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aquaculture net washer aquaculture net washer - Remora
  • Aquaculture net washer


  • Breeding type:

    for aquaculture


Remora is the intelligent net cleaner

Remora is installed in your cage net and cleans every day, eliminating build up of growth by use of brushes.

Key Benefits:

Clean and inspect simultaneously

Avoid disturbing feeding process

Eliminate the need for anti-fouling material

Enhance the efficiency of wrasse and lump fish

Document the status of your net digitally

Compare findings over time at the click of your fingertip

Growth is inevitable, and the fight is on; Coating nets with copper is efficient but mixing it with food production is not appealing to consumer mind.
High pressure cleaning can rip nets, soil the water making it harmful to fish gills, and even bringing disease from other locations. Loosing fish quickly means loosing ASC accreditation.