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racing SUP / inflatable racing SUP / inflatable - VORTEX AIR
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Our Vortex Air inflatable goes way beyond mere focus on the materials, but equally, if not more importantly, upon the construction and engineering, in order to create a board that is genuinely more efficient in the water representing a true advancement, not merely marketing nonsense. This is an exciting design shift away from normal, by which we aim to elevate the status and performance of the inflatable SUP – most of all, we’re proud to say, we are pioneers and leaders in this field and intend extending and perfecting the concept further.

The net result, nets faster more efficient boards, with the built in added security of secondary buoyancy roll chambers, added stiffness and an altogether improved paddling experience. Paddling an inflatable, need no longer be low-tech and slow, but genuinely better by design the Mistral way.
The primary hull chamber at 15psi – 18psi and the new construction, permits for an extra rigid construction, with much improved rail shape, being more edgy and hydrodynamical efficient.
Rigidity and weight, are factors iSUP makers have obsessed over, but it’s time now to consider efficiency and speed over water, for effort put in by the paddler. With our new 4 chamber boards, we’ve been able to isolate differing structural areas of the boards in order to control and manipulate each area, something impossible to achieve with a single chambered board.
The hollow nose cowling (bow), is also of low psi (1-2psi) and functions to improve water flow-off, when punching upwind and added buoyancy when paddling downwind.