calculation software / navigation, positioning and data acquisition / for ships



  • Type:

    calculation, navigation, positioning and data acquisition

  • Application domain:

    for ships


PAXSTAB is a computerised Trim & Stability System designed specifically for passenger ferry and cruise ships which enables the ship's officer to quickly and accurately calculate the ship's intact stability condition.

At the heart of PAXSTAB is a database which contains ALL the ship's stability characteristics as well as details of its various compartments. To calculate a condition, all the ship's officer has to do is supply the volume, weight or sounding for each compartment. Using the supplied weights in conjunction with the stability database, the program automatically calculates displacement, drafts, GM, GZ and areas under the curve for a range of heel angles.

A summary of these results is continuously displayed in a status window on the screen. All of the calculations which are necessary to keep this summary up to date are performed instantaneously each time a volume, weight or sounding is entered by the officer.

PAXSTAB also compares these results with the various statutory and company restrictions which apply to the ship. Failure to comply with these requirements, causes warnings to be displayed on the screen. In this way, the officer receives immediate feedback as to the effects of adding or removing each individual weight.

To see more information about a condition, PAXSTAB provides Summary and Detailed reports, also graphical presentations of the GZ and Limiting KG/GM Envelope Curves. These can be displayed on the screen or printed to provide a permanent record.