landing craft / inboard waterjet / aluminum
St. Lawrence



  • Type:

    landing craft

  • Motor type:

    inboard waterjet

  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    18.29 m (60'00")


The St. Lawrence high speed ULC has keen in production since 1991. The boat has repeatedly demonstrated above average performance exceeding design specifications by as much as 25% in load carrying capability and high speed performance.

The St. Lawrence is a shallow ‘V’ high speed, high load barge designed for planing speeds in full load condition. It is easily driven on plane with very low horsepower ratings. Designs available from 30’ to 65’.

The boat's unusual hull shape offers much greater directional stability and lift than a standard flat or V-bottom Sea Truck design. The bottom has worked very well with twin and triple jet applications with virtually no cavitation problems in difficult manoeuvring conditions. Versions are operating in the Niagara Gorge Rapids with 900 to 1,500 HP and speeds up to 60 mph. At top speed the boat can complete 180 degree turns in 1-1/2 boat lengths.

Utility Landing Crafts
Standard Configuration
L.O.A. 30' - 60'
L.W.L. 10' - 20'
Capacity 9,000 - 35,000 lb
Propulsion Outdrive, Inboard, Waterjet, Outboard