boating engine / inboard / gasoline
8.2 MAG H.O. ECT



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  • Power:

    430 ch (430 hp)



A high-displacement footprint allows the V-8s to work smarter – not harder –with lower revs to ensure longer engine life. Engine Guardian is standard and averts potential problems with timely intervention, while the Cool Fuel Module prevents vapor lock.

High Technology.

Long runner intakes pack more air into the chamber, while the advanced MPI system fine-tunes the fuel-to-air mix, producing more power on combustion. High performance aluminium cylinder heads improve mid-range acceleration. SmartCraft® Digital Throttle & Shift provides silky-smooth operation.

Big on power, not on fuel.

These big blocks put all the power you want on the line when you need it – just the ticket for larger cruisers. The high-output alternator generates 65 percent more power than previous models. Yet the MPI and ECT systems also ensure maximum fuel economy from regular unleaded.

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