boating engine / stern-drive / diesel / common-rail



  • Market:


  • Type:


  • Power source:


  • Technology:

    common-rail, turbocharged

  • Other characteristics:

    Tier 2

  • Power:

    220 ch (220 hp)


Compact and Durable
The 2.8L at 220hp provides added power for mid-range vessels in either twin or single configurations. Featuring a high-pressure common rail fuel system and SmartCraft™ capability, this 4-cylinder powerhouse offers reduced noise, improved sociability and is a perfect fit for a wide variety of stendrive and inboard applications.
Don’t be fooled by its compact design. The 2.8L is built to last. With a gear-driven camshaft and patented tunnel design crankcase with wet liners, this diesel is extremely durable. Hydraulic lifters and counterbalancing shafts reduce noise and vibration; while a proven common rail fuel system significantl reduces emissions. Precise throttle response is aided by a turbocharger and a seawater aftercooler, while an advanced Control Module with SmartCraft compatibility provides system monitoring and control never before seen in a diesel engine this size.

2.8L Features
Compatible with Bravo sterndrives
Turbocharged and seawater aftercooled for quick response and superior performance
High-pressure common rail fuel system
EPA Tier 2, IMO and RCD, select rating BSO/SAV certified
Counter-balancer shafts for low vibration
Sterndrive or Inboard
Drop-in replacement for many gasoline engines