beacon buoy / high seas / with radar reflector / polyethylene
RBM-HV 22/30



  • Type:


  • Use:

    high seas

  • Other characteristics:

    with radar reflector

  • Material:



RBM-HV 22/30 buoys are characterised by their high-visibility superstructure. They are indicated to be deployed in places where their day mark has to be recognised from a long distance, such as landfall buoys.

The float is made from high-quality rotomoulded virgin polyethylene. Depending on float diameter and volume, floats are made up of several sections. Polyethylene includes the necessary pigment that provides the colour. UV filters guarantee a stable colour protection during its whole service life. To ensure its buoyancy, the float is filled with closed-cell expanded polyurethane foam.

The high-visibility superstructure is made from marine aluminium, providing a long service life in the harshest marine conditions. They can be customized under client’s request.