harbor signalling light / LED / white / for lighthouses
MBL 400



  • Application domain:

    for harbors

  • Light source:


  • Color:


  • Applications:

    for lighthouses


The MBL 400 is a LED flashing beacon of medium and long range, with a great optical output. Its luminous source consists of highpower LED diodes, obtaining a range of up to 27 nautical miles.

Intended to be placed in on-shore aids-to-navigation locations, such as poles and towers, with a minimum maintenance.

Fitted with 9 nos. optical elements by level, arranged in a circular way in a 300mm diameter, made from UV-resistant methacrylate and protected with a shock-resistant glass lens cover. Manufactured with high-quality and resistant materials, the MBL 400 provides a long service life under very severe marine conditions.