beacon signalling light / LED / white / for lighthouses
MBL 160-HR



  • Application domain:

    for beacons

  • Light source:


  • Color:


  • Applications:

    for lighthouses


The MBL 160-HR is a LED flashing beacon of short and medium range, with a great optical efficiency and low consumption, fitted with LED diodes of high intensity, reaching a maximum range of 13 nautical miles.

It is our heaviest duty lantern, able to withstand continuously the most extreme conditions, both environmental (ice, immersion,...) and mechanical ones (shocks and vibrations).

Its luminous source consists of an innovating lens system especially designed to take the maximum profit of LED diodes, thus obtaining an output of up to 180 Cd/W. Manufactured with high-quality and resistant materials, the MBL 160-HR provides a long service life under the harshest marine conditions.