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hopper barge cargo ship

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hopper barge cargo ship hopper barge cargo ship


  • Type:

    hopper barge

  • Length:

    Max.: 117 m (383'10")

    Min.: 50 m (164'00")

  • DWT:

    Max.: 10,800 t (11,905 us ton)

    Min.: 900 t (992 us ton)


Our Seagoing Split Hopper Barge designed to carry all kind of dredged materials, The split hopper barge is a single deck vessel with the hopper in the middle and a steel hull, which opens along the center plane. Split hopper barge capable of Spoil up-take from the dredge, Backfilling of trenches with underwater pipelines, Spoil transport and offloading to underwater dump sited, System of floating technical facilities for underwater pipeline burial and offshore dredging, the Multipurpose vessel for marine engineering and diving activities, beach replenishment and coast, pipeline protection projects.

A split hopper barge is a dredging vessel that can split over its longitudinal axis to discharge its cargo. Allow for such an operation; the barge consists of two half-hulls that are connected by hinges at the top and hydraulic cylinders at the bottom. Any forces that act at the interface between the half-hulls have to be transferred by the hinges and cylinders. For the workability of the barge, the design limits of the hinges and hydraulic cylinders are assumed to be governing.