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work boat professional boat / inboard / aluminum / amphibious
AM 4700 / AM 5000



  • Type:

    work boat

  • Motor type:


  • Other characteristics:

    aluminum, amphibious

  • Length:

    4.7 m (15'05")


The Mavideniz Amphibious Machine has been appreciated around the world since the first machine was exported in 2003. This Amphibious Machine combined with an extensive range of accessories has made Amphibex unique in the market. With a wide range of easy to fit tools, Amphibex can cut and collect aquatic weed and reed growth, dredge, excavate, clean up oil spills and much more. The amphibious nature of Amphibex combined with low ground pressure allows it to operate in sensitive areas without damage to the environment.

This Amphibious Machine is the ideal choice when working on wildlife reserves, golf courses and other sensitive areas ordinarily inaccessible to conventional machines. Being able to travel from land to water is merely an excellent asset in wetland conservation management. Amphibex’s sensitive joystick steering gives the operator perfect control in narrow channels and near obstacles.