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dredger professional boat / inboard
PLOUGH series

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dredger professional boat / inboard dredger professional boat / inboard - PLOUGH series


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  • Length:

    13 m, 16 m, 23 m (42'07")


Mavideniz Plough Dredger + Water Injection Dredger designed for all type of plow; agitators, levelers and material movers operations, and she is built beyond the Class requirements. No need licensing for operations because there is no disposal is seabed leveling whereby a plow or seabed leveler is towed behind a suitable boat to flatten areas without lifting material from the seabed and dumping it elsewhere.

Water injection can add to the Plough dredger which operates by injecting water into specific fine-grained seabed materials, reducing their density to the point where they act as a fluid and flow over the bed through the action of gravity to lower levels. The aim of Water Injection Dredger is not to raise sediments into the water column, and where adequately applied environmental effects due to suspended solids are restricted to the vicinity of the seabed and are significantly minimized. However, some resuspension of sediments can occur using this equipment, intentionally or otherwise. At present this practice is exempt from FEPA licensing, as the sediments are not raised from the surface of the water, and therefore no disposal takes place.