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marine pump / transfer / bilge / sewage
RLP series



  • Application domain:


  • Applications:

    transfer, bilge, sewage, handling

  • Fluid:

    water, oil

  • Technology:

    rotary vane

  • Operation:

    electric, hydraulic, diesel engine

  • Flow rate:

    20 m³/h, 30 m³/h, 60 m³/h, 150 m³/h, 320 m³/h (706.29 ft³/h)


Mavideniz’s Rotary Lobe Pump is designed to use for pumping Oil Spill, Oil Recovery, Oil Skimming, Oil Sludge, Chemical Spill Cleanup, Slurries, Sewage with Seawater, Liquid Waste from Ships, Bilge and Mud. Rotary Lobe Pump has various rotor forms including bi-wing and multi-lobe options, and also use timing gears to eliminate contact between the rotors, which allows their use of non-lubricating liquid.

Rotary Lobe configuration can be: Trailer Mount Electric or Diesel Drive, Vertical Gearbox, Overhead V-Belt Drive, Belt Driven Gear Box, In-line Gear Motor, Hydraulic Motor Drive, In-line with C-Face Gear Reducer, Diesel Drive Unit or Oil Skimmer

Rotary Lobe Pump offers low shear and gentle handling of the liquid to minimize product degradation.
Rotary Lobe Pump can mount on baseplates, trollies or trailers and the range of drives available include electric motors, diesel engines, and hydraulic motors.