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pollution control boat / catamaran / outboard



  • Type:

    pollution control boat

  • Number of hulls:


  • Motor type:


  • Length:

    5.1 m, 7.2 m, 9.1 m (16'08")


The MINI CAT, Oil Spill Recovery Boat which is an incredibly innovative vessel, works in ports, canals, bays, marinas, lakes, canals, shipyards and along the coast carrying out the following services:Collection, storage and discharging of floating and semisubmerged micropollutants (seaweed, plastic, plants, cans, wood, vegetation, etc.)Collection of oils and hydrocarbon products;Fire-fighting and quay cleaning operations using a water cannon positioned on deck;Removal of spill foam and surface films.Oil Spill Recovery Boat is designed to be used in limited spaces and in shallow water, areas where larger vessels with the same operational abilities are unable to operate. Oil Spill Recovery Boat has excellent marine qualities and is also able to maintain a high level of efficiency in the open sea. The catamaran hull accentuates the flow of water towards the inner side of the vessel where vacuum propeller positioned behind the collection basket creates an aspiration flow. The suction vacuum propeller is role dynamically operated directly from the wheelhouse. The collection basket can be regulated according to the trim to optimize its functionality. A turbine pulls a stream of water through a tank with a mesh to filter out solid waste.

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