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water tank / hydrocarbon / liquid / temporary storage
P series

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water tank water tank - P series


  • Contents:

    water, hydrocarbon, liquid

  • Applications:

    temporary storage

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Capacity:

    Max.: 100 m³ (3,531.5 ft³)

    Min.: 1.5 m³ (53 ft³)


Mavi Deniz’s Pillow Tank is designed to temporary storage of recovered liquids for uses in Oil Spill Recovery Operation, Remote Storage, Fire Fighting, Military Operations, Remediation Projects, Potable ( drinking ) Water Tank, Gray Water Tank, Liquid Transportation, Portable Water Tank, Diesel Fuel / Jet Fuel / Waste Water / Sewage Storage, Fruit Juice Distribution, Chemical Storage, Concentrate TransportationAvailable in a range of sizes, storage tanks are lightweight, portable, and easily assembled without tools.Collapsible pillow tank that provides temporary as well as long-term liquid storage.Our pillow tank is portable and can be used for drinking water, fruit juices, wastewater, chemicals, oils and more.Versatile usage includes land-based operations and vessel decks. Standard tanks are fabricated with durable fabric that provides ultraviolet light, chemical, and abrasion resistance.Smaller sizes are square shaped, while larger are rectangular Transportable pillow tank is designed with straps for use in the variety of cargo applications including truck, trailer, boats, and plane.Standard sizes – from 0.5 to 3.780 m3.